Blizzards and strong winds expected in Sachs Harbour, Ulukhaktok

Blizzard warnings are in effect for Sachs Harbour and Ulukhaktok until Friday, with residents warned to expect strong winds and poor visibility.

Environment Canada issued alerts for the two communities on Wednesday morning. The alert for Ulukhaktok warns of “very strong, damaging winds” and blizzard conditions developing early on Thursday morning.

The community was already experiencing wind gusts near 75 km/h from the east, according to the alert, which could increase to 110 km/h gusts by Thursday afternoon.


Winds of at least 70 km/h are expected to continue in Ulukhaktok until Friday afternoon.

Sachs Harbour is currently experiencing 60 km/h winds from the east, and the wind strength is expected to increase throughout Wednesday. An Environment Canada advisory states blizzard conditions will develop on Wednesday evening and continue until Friday afternoon.

Environment Canada issues blizzard warnings when visibility is expected to drop below 400 metres for at least six hours.

Residents of both communities are advised to stay put and postpone non-essential travel until conditions improve, while ensuring shelter is provided for pets and outdoor animals.