Confirmed Covid-19 case at NWT’s Gahcho Kué mine

A worker who travelled to the NWT’s Gahcho Kué diamond mine from outside the territory has tested positive for Covid-19, the territorial government said on Friday.

The territory said all 25 identified contacts of the worker were isolating appropriately and there was no risk to NWT communities. The individual is “doing well,” the territory said in a statement.

The risk of any further transmission of the virus stemming from this case was “very low,” that statement read.


Because the case involves an out-of-territory worker, it doesn’t count toward the NWT’s statistics. The territory’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases to date remains 15.

Urging people to take Covid-19 tests the moment they experience symptoms, Chief Public Health Officer Dr Kami Kandola said: “Rapid response and isolation like those demonstrated at NWT diamond mines are possible because cases are caught early due to testing.

“One lesson everyone in the territory can take from that is to contact your health centre or public health unit to be assessed for Covid-19 testing as soon as you have any symptoms.

“Getting tested early allows public health to quickly investigate, trace, and isolate to break the chain of transmission.”

Kandola also reiterated the importance of workplace Covid-19 safety measures like masking and distancing.


“There have been no instances of further transmission on-site at the diamond mines because of measures like these,” she said.