Cabin Radio partners with CFLK Fort Simpson

Last modified: December 16, 2017 at 12:12pm

Cabin Radio is now a proud partner of CFLK Fort Simpson, the community radio station of the Liidlii Kue First Nation.

Cabin Radio staff spent four days this month working with students, elders and staff to provide basic broadcast training and equipment support as the station prepares to reinstate regular programming.

Recently, the station – on 90.7 FM in the Fort Simpson area – has been used only for twice-weekly bingo games and has otherwise streamed the territory’s main Aboriginal licensed staton, CKLB.


Eight new broadcasters ranging in age from teenagers to sixty-somethings have now been trained by Cabin Radio’s team. Cabin Radio will continue to provide technical support and guidance from its Yellowknife facility as CFLK grows over the coming months, as well as assistance with regulatory compliance.

‘In love with radio’

“Communities generating their own radio is exactly why we are in existence,” said Cabin Radio’s Ollie Williams. “Partnerships like this help us to develop a strong network of northern community stations, so residents can have radio they own that makes them proud of the place they love.

“The enthusiasm from everyone who took part in our workshops was just amazing. It completely reaffirms our believe that the NWT remains in love with radio, and we can’t wait to replicate this in other communities and in Yellowknife too. CFLK is showing us the way.”

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