Nahɂą Dehé Dene Band elects new chief

Nahɂą Dehé Dene Band in Nahanni Butte has elected Steve Vital as its new chief.

The election, held on Thursday, saw Vital defeat previous chief Darrell Betsaka by 58 votes to 20.

Returning officer Marlene Matou confirmed the results on Thursday night.


Vital says he’s looking forward to hearing from the community about changes they’d like to see.

“I’m hoping to do my best for our community,” he said.

“I’m happy the people elected me and they want change, so I’m here.”

Vital previously worked at the NWT Power Corporation in the community. He says he would like to see more infrastructure developed for Nahanni Butte.

He hopes to improve communication between the community and its leadership and is planning a meeting with residents to learn more about their wishes.