One new case of Covid-19 in Inuvik

An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease
An electron microscope image of the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 disease. Felipe Esquivel Reed/Wikimedia

A new case of Covid-19 has been identified in Inuvik, the territorial government has advised.

The individual had travelled internationally and followed appropriate self-isolation protocols, according to a press release on Tuesday morning.

A public health investigation into the case concluded there is no evidence of a potential exposure risk, except to those in the same household.

The individual is properly self-isolating at home and doing well, the release continued.



This latest diagnosis brings the territory’s total caseload up to 22, following a jump in numbers after five cases of the virus were identified in Yellowknife.

Fifteen of the NWT’s cases have recovered, while the five in Yellowknife and one new case in Inuvik are still active.

In the same news release, the territorial government thanked those who follow self-isolation protocols, stating that more than 30,000 self-isolation plans have been filed since March.

“As cases reach record levels in Canada, self-isolation is a tried-and-tested way to stop cases from becoming outbreaks and keep communities safe,” chief public health officer Dr Kami Kandola stated.



“Recent case announcements demonstrate that public health officials haven’t had a lot of contacts to trace because people did their part by following self-isolation guidance.

“As we celebrate the holidays, let’s celebrate those who continue to do their part to keep our territory safe by following this guidance, encourage those we know to do the same, and think about our individual responsibility in making good choices.”

Correction: December 15, 2020 – 12:18 MT. This article initially stated the territory’s total caseload is 21. In, fact the territory now has 22 documented positive cases of Covid-19.