Can you help get gifts for these Yellowknife kids?

Yellowknife’s Community Fundraising Club hopes to raise $50,000 to help families in need this Christmas – but still needs another $26,000 to reach that goal.

The Adopt-a-Family program has been running for five years, working with a school in the city to identify families that need a little help with groceries, gifts, and winter clothing over the holidays.

“This year, we had a greater demand than we’ve had in previous years … out of the 31 families that we have, we have 19 remaining that we need to secure sponsorships for,” said Dianna Beck, one of the organizers, on Tuesday.


“We’re trying what we can to ensure that all of the families on our list get covered, which is why we’re reaching out for help.”

People can either purchase gifts for families or donate money to the club’s GoFundMe campaign.

“Each year you have the stories of children that pull on your heartstrings,” said Beck.

“There’s a few children this year that asked if they can have extra food in their food hamper in exchange for presents,” she said, explaining the program typically buys children four gifts: clothes, a book, something they need, and something they want.

“It’s quite humbling that we get to be a part of these kids’ Christmas, helping them to celebrate during the holidays, especially in a time like this year where there’s been Covid.


“Things have been a bit gloomy throughout the year. To be able to end the year on a high note is definitely something that gives us a great deal of accomplishment.”

To adopt a family, you can email or donate through the GoFundMe.


Beck hopes to have everything purchased by Friday, December 18 – but won’t close the campaign until all families are covered.