NWT’s 8-1-1 number experiencing technical trouble

The call centre handling enquiries about the Northwest Territories’ Covid-19 response experienced mystery technical problems on Wednesday afternoon.

In a short statement via Twitter, Dr Kami Kandola – the territory’s chief public health officer – said anyone calling 8-1-1 who finds themselves on hold for an extended period should hang up and call again.

“The team is working hard to figure out what’s going on,” Kandola wrote. “We’ll let you know when we have more info.”


The 8-1-1 service has been in existence since mid-April last year. It’s available from 8am until 8pm each day, and can be accessed by calling 1-833-378-8297 outside the territory.

Callers can ordinarily access information about Covid-19 and how to arrange a test, make complaints about individuals not following the NWT’s public health orders, or get contact details for pandemic-related services.