Yellowknife’s Nara Dapilos releases new single with NWT label

Cover art for Miss Too Good by Yellowknife singer Nara and producer Ranec
Cover art for Miss Too Good by Yellowknife singer Nara and producer Ranec.

NWT-based record label One North Recordings on Friday released Miss Too Good from Yellowknife singer-songwriter Nara Dapilos.

The song marks the debut single for 24-year-old Dapilos, who was born, raised and lives in the city, performing past sets at Folk on the Rocks and Snowkings Winter Festival.

Dapilos said it was “surreal” to record and release a song firmly outside the acoustic style to which she is accustomed.

“It’s been a long time coming,” she said. “I knew I wanted to branch out, step out of my comfort zone.”



“I’d been following One North Recordings for a while before approaching them, and I figured they could probably do something with my song, do something completely different, turn it upside down,” she said.

Nara Dapilos, singer and writer of Miss Too Good. Photo: Submitted

“I’m just so happy with the way it’s turned out. It’s exactly what I wanted.”

The song is a collaboration with Windsor, Ontario-based producer Ranec, a co-founder of One North Recordings with Yellowknife’s Chad Hinchey.

“Her voice was amazing,” Ranec said of Dapilos. “It was one of the best voices I’ve heard in a while.”



Dapilos said her track tackles themes of overcoming heartbreak.

“The way that Ranec has produced it, the energy of the track is a nice contrast to what I’m singing about,” she said. “It makes it almost more anthemic, so to speak. It touches on the idea of not settling for less when you know you’re too good for something – just keep pushing, move on.

“I just am excited to finally get my own music out there. Hopefully, this could start something for myself in terms of producing and recording more music of my own.”

“I think it will be our biggest release for our label thus far,” said Ranec. “I’m really excited to be starting off this new year with something so strong.”

Miss Too Good is available on most major streaming platforms.