A quick Cabin Radio update (or, ‘Where did the news go?’)

A Cabin Radio microphone in Studio 1

Hello! This is Ollie, Cabin Radio’s head of programming and news.

If you’re wondering why our website is a little short on new stories right now, the short answer is: I’m at the Olympics.

I’m in Korea on contract with the BBC and, rather than attempt to cover stories from home in a piecemeal fashion, we’ve taken the decision to resume publication once I’m back.

At the end of this month our newsroom will fire back up permanently, ready for our station’s full launch on March 5 – more about that to come soon.



Thanks for your patience while we complete our final preparations. We can’t wait to get going. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you read our Q&A which explains more about what’ll happen when we launch and how you can listen to us.