Cabin Radio to broadcast FOTR 2018 and host Cabin Stage

FOTR and the NWT’s next radio station, Cabin Radio, are excited to launch a new partnership for the 38th Annual Folk On The Rocks Music Festival.

Cabin Radio becomes proud host of the Cabin Stage (formerly the Lakefront Stage) and will produce a full, live broadcast of the festival, including performances, for both NWT residents and a worldwide audience.

Weekly Folk On The Rocks preview shows begin on Cabin Radio in mid-April.


“We’re planning an ambitious and compelling weekend of broadcast coverage from Folk On The Rocks this year, and it doesn’t get better than being able to anchor everything from our own Cabin Stage,” said Ollie Williams, Cabin Radio’s head of programming.

“We know how important it is to support one of Canada and the world’s great music festivals, and bring so many amazing acts even closer to an NWT audience.”