NWT renews public health emergency for 22nd time

The Northwest Territories’ health minister again renewed a territory-wide public health emergency on Tuesday.

In a news release, the territorial government said the continued emergency is required to “continue to decisively respond to shifts” in the territory’s health situation and “maintain preventative measures” as the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates across Canada. 

According to CTV’s Covid-19 tracker,  there are currently 70,604 active cases across Canada. 


The NWT has its own concerns about a possible outbreak, with three active and two probable cases in Fort Liard and an active case in Yellowknife.

The NWT has recorded 28 confirmed Covid-19 cases among its residents to date, 24 of which have since recovered, according to the NWT Covid-19 Dashboard.

Under the territorial Public Health Act, a public health emergency expires every two weeks unless it is extended by the health minister.

The latest extension expires on February 2.