Yellowknife vaccinations expand to new priority group

A Moderna Covid-19 vaccine box at an NWT government demonstration event in January 2021
A Moderna Covid-19 vaccine box at an NWT government demonstration event in January 2021. Pat Kane/National Geographic Society Covid-19 Emergency Fund

More appointments are now available in Yellowknife for vaccination against Covid-19, but the NWT’s health authority stressed the slots were for specific priority groups.

As well as Yellowknifers aged 60 or over, from Tuesday younger city residents who meet certain priority criteria can also sign up to be vaccinated at the Multiplex DND gym.

Those who qualify are Yellowknife residents considered to be at “both high risk of exposure to Covid-19 and high risk of severe disease from Covid-19,” the health authority said, issuing a graphic to demonstrate those included.

An NWT health authority Venn diagram shows – centre, in blue – those Yellowknife residents eligible to sign up for vaccination appointments. (Click to expand.)

If you’re a Yellowknife resident meeting the following criteria, you can sign up:



  • You’re leaving the NWT before the end of March for medical travel or out-of-territory mental health or addictions treatment, OR you’re a healthcare worker, emergency responder, enforcement worker, rotational worker, congregate setting working, taxi driver, or aircrew; AND
  • You are immunocompromised OR living with obesity (defined by the GNWT as a body mass index of 40 or higher) OR you have a chronic medical condition like lung, heart, kidney or liver disease, hypertension, diabetes, dementia, or have suffered a stroke.

Bookings can be made online. The health authority did not provide a phone number with its latest update, but in the past residents have also been able to book by calling (867) 767-9120.

“There will be a limited number of appointments in this next round for Yellowknife,” the health authority said in a statement.

Separately, the authority said the next two vaccine shipments destined for the NWT will be used to provide second doses to those who have already received their first dose.

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine requires two doses taken four weeks apart.



The NWT’s general population remains on track to receive a first dose of vaccine at the end of March, the authority said, stating this was “ahead of most of the country.”

David Maguire, a spokesperson for the health authority, told Cabin Radio: “This represents the last set of clinics targeted at priority populations across the NWT. We have yet to announce February dates but we will be planning those next and updating the schedule as we have information.

“The next shipment of vaccine in February will allow for the second dose for all who received a first dose in this current campaign. So in February we will repeat the same process, visiting all the same communities and rolling out second doses to everyone.

“Once those second doses are complete, we will be planning toward a late-March roll-out for the general public.”