Lisa Brule charged with assault and threats to kill

Yellowknife's courthouse
Yellowknife's courthouse. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

A woman just released from jail after serving time in connection with the killing of Breanna Menacho now faces several charges related to a New Year’s Day incident in Yellowknife.

Lisa Brule, 22, is accused of the aggravated assault of an RCMP officer among other charges, court documents show.

Brule was released from the Fort Smith Correctional Complex after a Supreme Court judge on December 9 sentenced her to 10 months of time served and two years’ probation for being an accessory after the fact to murder.

On New Year’s Day, police charged Brule with six crimes: aggravated assault of a peace officer; resisting a peace officer; uttering threats to kill the same peace officer; uttering threats to kill a man and his family; uttering threats to kill three men; and assault.



The last charge was stayed in court on Tuesday. Details of the allegations are covered by a publication ban. Brule is considered innocent until proven guilty and is not presently in custody.

RCMP did not issue a news release about the New Year’s Day incident.

On December 9, Justice Karan Shaner sentenced Brule and Jordan Nande, 24, after the pair admitted assisting Devon Larabie, 27 – who is accused of murdering Menacho – in evading authorities.

Under the criminal code, a person is an accessory when they are aware another person has committed a crime and they help that person to escape the legal consequences. 



Brule’s lawyer has said she thought Larabie was going to kill her after the events of the night of Menacho’s death, and did not know what to do other than help him.

Larabie has not entered a plea in his case and the charges against him have not been yet been heard in court.

A preliminary inquiry in Larabie’s case is scheduled to start on June 22.