Inclusion NWT launches winter parenting guide

Snowking's Winter Festival 2020
A child at Snowkings Winter Festival in February 2020. James O'Connor/Cabin Radio

“February and March can be a tough slog,” northern charity Inclusion NWT declared as it launched a new winter parenting guide.

The guide, launched last week, is available on Inclusion NWT’s website. The document is designed to provide parents with inspiration and details about local groups and activities.

“Our parenting guide is meant to be experienced much like a chat one might have around the kitchen table with other moms and dads,” said Abby Goodwin, Inclusion NWT’s youth facilitator, in a news release.

“Toddlers constantly underfoot? White-knuckling the steering wheel on the drive home from school? This guide offers some creative ideas to occupy, distract or redirect children so the adults can take a breath and have a cup of tea at some point during the day.”



Example activities include Ice Cube Explorers, in which toys and other items can be frozen into ice and then retrieved using “Arctic archaeological tools” such as salt, eye droppers, and squeeze bottles.

More: Get the first edition of the guide as a PDF

Indoor hopscotch, a dinosaur washing business, and a rug race track are other ideas. The charity asked NWT parents to get in touch by email and submit their own.

“We’re hoping the resource will grow over the next couple of weeks as residents chime in with their own parenting tips and ideas, which we will share on our social media pages and website,” said Goodwin.



“Bannock recipes are particularly of interest, so please send those in.”

The guide includes information from Yellowknife’s public library alongside details for upcoming Minute to Win It (February 12) and ice fishing (February 19) events.

“You don’t need super powers to beat the big, bad boredom beast,” the guide declares.

Tips are being received until Valentine’s Day.