Fort Simpson councillor AJ Augier resigns

Adolphus “AJ” Augier has resigned from his position as a Fort Simpson councillor, the village council heard as it met on Monday evening.

Mayor Sean Whelly said Augier resigned with immediate effect on January 26. Augier had joined the council in May 2020, replacing Kirby Groat after Groat’s own resignation.

“I knew the councillor did not have issues with the council itself. It’s just in order for him to take advantage of another opportunity, he had to basically resign his position,” Whelly told council of Augier’s departure.


Augier is the third Fort Simpson councillor to resign this term, following Groat and Mike Rowe.

Council considered three options to fill the vacancy: offer the seat to the unsuccessful candidate with the next-highest number of votes from 2018’s election – which is how Augier and Councillor Randy Sibbeston were selected – or either host a by-election or leave the seat empty.

Whelly said filling the position could take at least a month. He felt getting a new person up to speed on the budget and other proceedings may be difficult, and the individual may not be able to make an “effective contribution” to matters at hand.  

“The option of going down the list becomes less and less viable as you get further down it, I suppose,” he said.

“There’s also the question of if it’s worth somebody’s time to come on so late in the game to council, to have to learn everything.”


Council decided to leave the seat vacant, as the village has an election due in the coming months.

“Having received a resignation from Councillor Adolphus Augier on January 26, 2021, the seat will remain vacant in consideration for the time left of the term of the existing council,” Whelly wrote as a motion for council, which subsequently passed unanimously.  

“I would like to thank Councillor Augier for the time and commitment he did make, and the contributions he made during his time as a councillor.”