New case of Covid-19 in Yellowknife, exposure risk issued

A new case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in Yellowknife alongside a potential exposure risk, the territorial government has advised.

The case is connected to domestic travel outside the NWT and the individual is now self-isolating and doing well, according to a press release Thursday morning.

However, public health has identified an exposure risk to those who were in rows two to 15 of WestJet flight number 3359 from Calgary to Yellowknife on February 8.


People in those rows on that flight are advised to continue self-isolating as required and ensure they are isolating in a completely self-contained unit.

They are also encouraged to get a Covid-19 test, which can be booked by contacting the local health centre or public health unit.

Public health has said there is no risk to people who were on that flight but in different rows than the ones identified.

In the press release announcing the case, chief public health officer Dr Kami Kandola stated: “We are now regularly seeing new cases of COVID-19 in the NWT. So far, they have been contained because people are taking the right steps to keep communities safe.


“But we can’t assume that every instance of COVID-19 will be contained. We need to look at our individual and collective behavior to make sure transmission is limited if COVID-19 is present in the community.

“Keeping gatherings small is a way for you and yours to take some control over transmission risk.”

Cases elsewhere

Thursday’s case announcement follows what Kandola has dubbed a Covid-19 “outbreak” at the Gahcho Kué diamond mine, where there are now six confirmed cases.

Two of those cases were confirmed last week.

Of six more presumptive positives reported last weekend, four have now also been confirmed, the NWT government said on Wednesday.


Two of the six cases involve NWT residents. The remaining four involve out-of-territory workers.

Operations were suspended at the mine by De Beers on Saturday.

As of Tuesday, approximately 110 workers are self-isolating in Yellowknife.

Thursday’s case announcement brings the territory’s total caseload to date up to 34 amongst NWT residents, and 58 including out-of-territory workers and NWT residents treated out of territory, according to the NWT Covid-19 dashboard.