Security company finds gun abandoned in snow during AWG 2018

A security company patrolling in Fort Smith has discovered a gun abandoned in the snow near two Fort Smith venues at the 2018 Arctic Winter Games.

RCMP in the community said the gun, a Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, was uncovered in the early hours of Thursday morning by security staff.

It was found in a snowbank, in inoperable condition, between Fort Smith’s recreation centre and the Paul William Kaeser High School. The school is hosting Arctic sports and serves as accommodation for some athletes and team staff, while the recreation centre is the venue for basketball and curling.


The rifle is not related to the Games; no weapon-related sports are being hosted in Fort Smith. Biathlon events are taking place in Hay River.

Police believe the gun is related to the reported theft of a firearm in Fort Smith last week. Their investigation continues.

“With the increased population in the community for the Arctic Winter Games, we are thankful the firearm was located by a security patrol and immediately reported to the police,” said RCMP spokesperson Marie York-Condon.

“The condition the firearm was found in was inoperable, and posed no risk to the community.”