More vehicle fires in downtown Yellowknife

A truck on fire outside Yellowknife's Chateau Nova hotel
A truck on fire outside Yellowknife's Chateau Nova hotel. James O'Connor/Cabin Radio

A truck caught fire in the parking lot of Yellowknife’s Chateau Nova hotel on Wednesday afternoon, a day after another vehicle caught fire on 51 Street.

The causes of the fires were not immediately confirmed. Tuesday’s 51 Street fire was reported by the CBC, which said no injuries had been recorded according to officials.

There was no indication of any injury related to Wednesday’s truck fire.

The fires are the second and third vehicle fires to be reported in the city this year.



Last year, a total of seven reported vehicle fires left officials unperturbed.

The territory’s fire marshal, Chucker Dewar, said in December that seven for the year “doesn’t seem unusual to me.”

Dewar said the winter season always created the risk of fires “where people are plugging in and the environment’s a little bit harder on the equipment.”

James O’Connor contributed reporting.