Inuvik promises ‘zero tolerance’ on bullying of staff

The Town of Inuvik on Wednesday said it would defend staff against behaviour that “compromises their physical and mental health.”

Officials made the comments in a news release issued in the wake of a weekend bingo that descended into chaos and ultimately resulted in the town’s lottery officer reportedly facing threats at home.

Charitable group Arctic Paws has said it will no longer run bingo nights after the ordeal, in which organizers described volunteers being threatened following confusion over which numbers had been drawn.


“The Town of Inuvik has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to incidents of unacceptable behaviour expressed toward members of our staff,” the town wrote.

The town specified verbal assault, threats and attempts to intimidate, aggressive approaches, and harassment as behaviours that “will never be tolerated.”

“Town Staff are committed to serving the public,” the statement added. “However, this service – like that of any employee working in the public sector – can only be expected during normal operating hours and operations.”