Canadian Rangers plan exercise off NWT Highway 5

Canadian Rangers on Victoria Island in August 2018
Canadian Rangers on Victoria Island in August 2018. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

The 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group will carry out a training exercise in the region of Sandy Lake, off Highway 5, from February 21 until March 4, 2021.

In a news release, the group said its activities would include establishing camps, temporarily marking airstrips and setting up temporary helicopter landing zones.

“The training will take place off Highway 5 on the east end of Sandy Lake,” a group spokesperson stated. “Residents in the area can expect to see increased Canadian Ranger activity in the area during this training event.”

Canadian Rangers from the Hay River, Fort Smith and Fort Resolution patrols will be taking part, alongside some personnel from Yellowknife.



Patrol members “will remain in their community patrol bubbles as a Covid-19 precaution,” the news release stated.

Sandy Lake lies about 20 km west of Highway 5 and some 50 km south of the intersection between Highway 5 and Highway 6.

Though the lake’s southern shore borders Wood Buffalo National Park, the Canadian Rangers said no training activities will occur within the park.

“Participating Canadian Rangers will be armed with their issued C-19 rifles for predator control, however no live fire ranges will be conducted,” the group said.

“The camping area will be remediated prior to departure at the conclusion of the training event.”