Hay River set to change traffic bylaw, remove halving of fees

The Town of Hay River is in the process of changing a traffic bylaw to remove the discount for residents who pay their tickets quickly.

Bylaw 2423, which is in the process of being passed by the town’s council, would introduce two significant changes: adding infractions that are currently in the NWT’s Motor Vehicle Act and removing the 50-percent early fine payment discount.

Previously, residents could get up to half the cost of a ticket deducted if they paid before their court date.


Despite repeated requests, no representative of the town could be reached to clarify or comment on the proposed change.

According to council documents from February 22, the town’s policy and bylaw committee decided to amend the bylaw at a meeting on December 16.

The amendments must go through a third reading before the town officially adopts the updated bylaw.

Concerns about speeding in Hay River have been voiced at some recent council meetings, especially drivers going too fast in school zones and putting pedestrians at risk.


Ross Potter, the town’s director of protective services, stated speeding and distracted driving in school zones were a problem during the town’s January 11 council meeting.

“I find it really quite unbelievable, the number of people who are using cell phones and speeding through the school zones,” Potter said at the time.

In January, there were 30 speeding incidents in the town. Twenty-three resulted in fines while the remaining seven received warnings.

One person was caught driving at 113 km/h in a 40 km/h zone, while another was recorded at 74 km/h in a 30 km/h school zone.


In December, there were 25 speeding incidents resulting in 10 fines and 13 warnings.

The town recently changed the speed limit at the Highway 2-Spruce Road junction from 60 km/h to 50 km/h, for “safety reasons due to the presence of pedestrians crossing the road at the intersection.”