‘We are so close,’ says NWT, urging residents to ‘finish strong’

As the global Covid-19 pandemic stretches on, the NWT Association of Communities and territorial government are encouraging residents to keep riding it out and “finish strong.”

The Finish Strong campaign, launched on Thursday, encourages residents to get the Covid-19 vaccine. “We are so close,” begins a news release for the campaign. 

The campaign, which promotes a happy ending to the pandemic, includes an online video in which a sign proclaims: “I did it for my grandchildren.”


Thursday’s news release clarified: “As we watch the pandemic ravage areas to the south of us, this is no time to take our foot off the pedal.”  

So far, approximately 42 percent of adults across the territory have received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine, positioning the NWT to finish earlier than the rest of Canada.

The NWT’s chief public health officer has said the government expects the territory to achieve herd immunity, or vaccination of 75 percent of adults, by the end of April.

“We need that herd immunity. We need as many people in the Northwest Territories to be vaccinated,” said Premier Caroline Cochrane at a news conference on Thursday.


“It’s voluntary. We’re not forcing anyone to do it. But it’s about protecting not only yourself, it’s about protecting our seniors, our Elders, and those we love around us.”

The Minister of Health and Social Services said the territory will receive its fourth shipment of the Covid-19 vaccine, containing 16,200 doses, later this week. That will bring the total number of doses the NWT has received to 35,300. 

The vaccine promotion campaign is a partnership between the association of communities, the premier’s office, and the Department of Health and Social Services, and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.