South Slave

Warning issued for power corp’s Taltson winter road

The NWT Power Corporation (NTPC) is warning South Slave residents that hauling of large equipment on the 56-kilometre Taltson winter road from Fort Smith to the hydro facility has begun.

Members of the public were asked to stay away. If you have to travel along the winter road, use a radio tuned to LADD 1 and call out your position and direction of travel at each mile marker.

“Once the road has been opened, NTPC cannot legally restrict access but, given the narrow, one-lane nature and dangerous ice conditions along the northern sections of the road, the public is advised to stay off the road to minimize the potential for personal harm or damage to the road,” said power corporation spokesperson Doug Prendergast.


The power corporation’s notice read: “Please abide by rules of the road, including but not limited to: 60 km/h speed limit on portages [and] 35 km/h speed limit on ice bridges.”

The notice warned residents that the road has several sharp and blind corners, steep ditches, and hills. 

These actions are strongly encouraged for safety reasons but NTPC has no ability to enforce sanctions against those who choose not to follow the guidelines,” Prendergast continued.

“There is signage posted in English, French, Chipewyan and Cree at the entrance and along the road providing radio call information and dangerous ice location.”

This is the second winter in a row during which the road has been built to allow the corporation to transport equipment to the Taltson River dam.


It is a reconstruction of a historical winter road between Fort Smith and Taltson that was used in the 1960s.