Watch: Cabin Radio’s live stream turns three

Lekter, Ollie, and Wheeler
Three examples of millennials.
Watch Wheeler and Ollie with Cabin Radio’s first moments on the air.

Cabin Radio’s live stream turns three on Friday! We first went live to air on the afternoon of Monday, March 5, 2018.

In that time, we’ve made some great strides: a bigger office, an office dog, and more duck racing are just some of the transformative steps we’ve taken.

Still, you probably want to know about that FM licence, right?

The CRTC – the federal regulator that governs whether we get an FM licence – says its response to our application, which we filed in August 2019, has been delayed by the pandemic.



We’ll keep you updated and let you know when the opportunity arises for you to provide a letter of support once the CRTC resumes work on our application.

In the meantime, thanks for listening to Cabin Radio! Listen live on our website or get the app.