Fort Liard celebrates spring with snow sculptures

Last modified: March 23, 2021 at 9:18am

Bison and sled dogs and bears, oh my. Fort Liard residents have decorated the hamlet with snow sculptures, ranging from a blue bunny to Snoopy snoozing on his dog house.

The creations are part of a snow sculpture contest sponsored by the hamlet. The contest used to form part of Fort Liard’s Cabin Fever Dayz annual spring carnival, but the festival isn’t going ahead this year because of the impact of Covid-19.

Mayor Hillary Deneron said she wanted to preserve the snow sculpting event to encourage families to get outdoors. 


A sculpture featuring a dog sledding team. Photo: Hillary Deneron

“It was a childhood memory, one of my highlights of childhood memories of our spring carnival,” Deneron said. “With us not having our Cabin Fever Dayz this year, our spring carnival, I thought it would be a nice event to host for the community of Fort Liard.”

Residents voted online for their favourites among the 15 sculptures. Voting closed on Monday afternoon.

The top five winners will be awarded gift certificates from $500 to $100. 

“It was a really good overall turnout,” Deneron said. “Nice to see the event being brought back.”


A snow sculpture featuring a hunter. Photo: Hillary Deneron