Pet Project returns: whose team will you support?

Cabin Radio’s Pet Project is back. Season 4: Team Edition pits the Cabin Radio newsroom against each other in a bid to raise the most money to help the pets of the NWT SPCA.

Will you back Team Ollie or Team Wheeler? Watch the first episode, above, to see the teams get picked and meet the cast of characters for the season ahead.

In each episode, one team will come up with a challenge, game, device, or idea in a bid to part you from your money and generate donations for the NWT SPCA. To donate and support your team of choice, head to our website and select to donate either through Team Ollie or Team Wheeler. (All the money goes to the NWT SPCA.)


Season 4 will run until the end of the summer, with the teams coming up with different challenges as we go.

Team Ollie, going first, is leading off with a zoombomb opportunity for those of you stuck in online meetings all day. Do you want Finnegan, the world’s most adorable dog, to appear at random in your video meeting? Watch the video below to find out how to donate to Team Ollie and make that happen.