‘No time frame’ for residents’ return after Yellowknife fire

Last modified: April 7, 2018 at 4:47pm

Residents of Yellowknife’s Aurora Suites building were waiting to return after a fire in the early hours of Saturday.

The extent of the building damage is not known. Fire crews helped residents to evacuate and an investigation has begun. It was not immediately clear if anyone had been injured.

Late on Saturday morning, building operator YKD Property Management said “there is no time frame for a return to Aurora Suites.”


The company advised residents to check back in the afternoon, but no update had been provided as of 4:45pm – other than YKD’s recommendation that residents “contact your insurance provider for accommodation and clean-up coverage.”

One resident, Kimberley Galbaransingh, thanked first responders for their assistance in a public Facebook post.

“It is all hazy but I am very, very thankful the firemen were able to retrieve my cats,” Galbaransingh wrote.

“I am filled with gratitude that even under pressure, they were patient and compassionate.”

The building, on 46th Street, is home to 11 units.