Michael St Amour takes over as mayor of Enterprise

The Enterprise community hall in March 2020. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Michael St Amour will take over as the new mayor of Enterprise after the former mayor and a councillor recently resigned from their positions.

St Amour, the hamlet’s deputy mayor, was already acting as the interim mayor. At a council meeting on Tuesday night he stood unopposed and was duly appointed by other councillors.

As NNSL reported, former mayor Malcolm MacPhail resigned earlier in March with little explanation.

He told the newspaper he would mostly keep his reasons to himself but added: “Anyone paying attention around here would have a pretty good idea why.”



Last week, MacPhail told Cabin Radio he did not want to discuss the matter further.

Barbara Hart, the only other individual who ran for mayor in December’s municipal election, resigned as a councillor just before MacPhail left.

The council now has two open seats. One belonged to Hart – who, as the CBC reported, resigned on February 9 – while the other previously belonged to St Amour.

Three councillors voted to have the seats remain vacant, with only Councillor Sandra McMaster opposed, McMaster said she felt the seats should be filled to help ensure council can more easily make quorum if people are absent.

An election is expected later this year.

The deputy mayor position will be filled by Allan Flamand.