Legislative Assembly appoints human rights adjudicators

Members of the NWT Legislative Assembly have appointed three adjudicators to the territory’s Human Rights Adjudication Panel. 

Sheldon Toner of Yellowknife, Lou Sebert of Fort Smith, and Jay Sengupta of Hamilton, Ontario, have been named to the independent tribunal that hears and rules on human rights cases. 

Members of the panel must have experience and interest in human rights and have been a lawyer or member of an administrative tribunal or court for at least five years. Generally, one person from outside the territory is appointed to the panel to adjudicate when residential panel members have a conflict of interest.


Toner is a partner with Dragon Toner Law, has been a member of the panel since 2012, and was appointed as chair in 2016. 

Sebert was the justice minister in the previous Legislative Assembly and has been practising law since 1977. He formerly sat on the adjudication panel from 2012 to 2015. 

Sengupta operates a private practice providing mediation, investigation and adjudication of human rights, education and workplace disputes. She has experience as the vice chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, human rights commissioner for the Peel District School board, and as senior council for the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario.

Toner, Sebert and Sengupta begin their four-year terms immediately.