Police operation at Yellowknife’s Sandstone Apartments

Last modified: April 8, 2021 at 11:23am

RCMP officers carried out what appeared to be a significant operation at Yellowknife’s Sandstone and Birchwood apartment complexes on Wednesday evening.

At least six RCMP vehicles and officers with dogs arrived at the apartment buildings on Range Lake Road shortly after 6pm according to residents in the neighbourhood.

Witnesses described officers with guns drawn “all over the block” as though looking for someone. Some officers remained outside the entrances to the buildings, temporarily barring entry.


The precise nature of the operation was not clear, and nor was it immediately apparent if anyone had been arrested.

Calls to RCMP communications in the NWT were not answered. The territory’s police communications desk is ordinarily only staffed during regular office hours.

Officers are seen outside Yellowknife’s Sandstone and Birchwood apartments in a submitted image.