This puppy at the RCMP’s national training centre for police dogs has a new name, thanks to Yellowknife’s Jake Saunders.

Jake was one of 13 winners selected in a nationwide contest to name the first puppies born at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta, this year.

Jake chose Link for the puppy pictured enjoying a breath of the wild above.

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RCMP received nearly 15,000 entries to name the 13 puppies – all entries had to begin with the letter L.

Other puppies named in the contest include Lance, Lazer, Lenyx, Lexi, Lilly, Logan, Loki, Lola, Lucy, Luke, Luna, and Lux.

Jake and the other winners also receive a laminated photo of their puppy, a plush-toy dog named Justice, and an RCMP baseball cap.

Around 19 in every 20 German shepherds working for the RCMP are born at the Innisfail training centre, as part of a dedicated police dog breeding program.

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