Aurora College creates ‘circle of knowledge holders’

Aurora College has created an advisory panel to help shape its steps toward reconciliation and its implementation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations.

Entitled a “circle of knowledge holders,” the panel includes Elders, Indigenous college instructors and staff, and College president Jane Arychuk, alongside what the college calls “two allies with academic knowledge of this area.”

The group will oversee the college’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action and its approach toward its Indigenous staff and students.


“Approximately 75 percent of our student population identifies as Indigenous, and more than 90 percent are northerners,” Arychuk said in a statement.

“It is vital that we are reflective of our population, and incorporate the world views, cultures, traditions, languages, and beliefs of our students and the communities we serve into both the curriculum and the way we operate.”

The circle held its first meeting in Whitehorse last month, where members studied Yukon College’s experiences and accomplishments related to reconciliation. The group also began considering what relevant steps Aurora College can take in the next 10 years.

Opening suggestions include the creation of an Indigenous advisory council, a “consistent plan for Elders on the campuses and in the community learning centres,” and input from the circle into the College’s next strategic plan.