Watch: Extreme Winter Duck Racing

Last modified: April 13, 2021 at 7:18pm

Extreme Duck Racing returned this week with an all-new winter special. This time, the ducks are in bobsleds.

Last summer, Cabin Radio and Canadian Tire brought you Extreme Duck Racing – a week-long series of broadcasts featuring rubber ducks taking on the NWT’s Cameron Falls that raised thousands of dollars for northern charities.

On Tuesday at 7pm, the ducks made their comeback in a winter one-off taking on the slide at Snowbuddy’s Winter Garden.


Filmed at the start of April once the Winter Garden’s public season had ended, Extreme Winter Duck Racing follows six two-duck bobsleds as they tackle the slide in a bid to be the fastest.

The broadcast is a partnership between Cabin Radio, Snowbuddy’s Winter Garden and Makerspace YK, which designed and built the sleds.

Each two-duck team races in a bobsled made from the licence plate of a different province or territory, sculpted into the shape of a sled and to which runners have been attached.

The teams first take part in a time trial before the bottom four compete in quarter-final play-offs. The knockout stage concludes with head-to-head semi-finals and a final down the slide before a champion is crowned.


The special was first broadcast on Cabin Radio’s Facebook page at 7pm MT on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Watch it again above.