Senior City of Yellowknife manager resigns – no, not that one

Former City of Yellowknife senior administrator Dennis Kefalas has resigned from his role as the municipality’s director of public works and engineering.

Kefalas served as the City’s top official from 2012 until 2016 before stepping down and assuming the public works role. His reitrement was confirmed by the City on Wednesday.

As senior administrator he handled the 2014 complaint against municipal enforcement boss Doug Gillard which is now the focus of a workplace harassment inquiry.


Gillard has not resigned and remains in post.

Allegations against Gillard dating to 2014 and previous years, when he was under Kefalas’ supervision, include bullying of municipal enforcement officers, objectification of female colleagues, and the use of public cameras to covertly ogle women.

Kefalas’ successor at senior administrator, Sheila Bassi-Kellett, said Gillard had since changed his ways in an interview earlier this year. A Vancouver lawyer is leading an independent inquiry, the scope of which has been the subject of recent behind-closed-doors meetings between councillors.

Some councillors believe the scope should be broadened from that included in the current terms of reference, which relate almost in their entirety to incidents occurring in 2014.