Yellowknife woman misses out on national Liberal role

Last modified: April 21, 2018 at 10:16pm

Yellowknife resident Christina Monroe was defeated in her bid to become the Liberal Party of Canada’s new national party secretary on Saturday.

Monroe’s opponent, Ontario’s Sam Bhalesar Saran, defeated her in a head-to-head run-off at the party’s convention in Halifax. The position holds responsibility for organizing and nurturing the party’s membership.

Monroe has been active in the NWT’s Liberal Party branch for a decade. Addressing the Liberal convention on Friday, she told attendees she would help “champion the silenced liberals and make us become the most inclusive, progressive political movement in Canadian history.”


Following the result, Monroe wrote on her campaign Facebook page: “Although I am disappointed in the result, I can promise you I will advocate and work on every single thing I outlined in my platform.

“I will work hard and you will see my name on a ballot again. I am not going anywhere.”

Bhalesar Saran’s previous experience within the party includes time on the National Women’s Liberal Commission as both Ontario’s vice-president and interim president.

Election results were one of the final items on the three-day convention schedule. Suzanne Cowan, the party’s newly acclaimed president, announced Bhalesar Saran as the winner via Twitter on Saturday afternoon.