Fort Simpson exhibition showcases creativity during pandemic

An exhibition showcasing “creative expression during the first year of the pandemic” has opened in Fort Simpson.

The Open Sky Creative Gallery launched its newest art collection, A Year of Living Creatively, on April 19.

The collection includes work from six Fort Simpson residents with pieces like beaver fur mitts, a macramé plant holder, stackable fabric containers, quilted table runners, and pysanky.


Dehcho residents were invited to submit their work to the collection. Some was created at home while others were created at workshops hosted by the Open Sky Creative Society,

Fabric cases designed and sewn by Anastasia Panshyna, one of six Fort Simpson residents featured in the exhibition A Year of Living Creatively. Photo: Submitted

The president of Open Sky, Sara Gordon, created crow boots for the exhibition. She first started work on them in the winter of 2017, then returned to the project once the pandemic began.

“With so much time spent at home this year, especially at the beginning of the Covid outbreak, I felt I needed a distraction and escape from the routines at home and went back to finish old projects,” she was quoted as saying in a news release about the exhibition.

The collection explores “whether there is the distinction between art and craft and who can lay claim to the titles of artist and craftsperson,” the news release continued.

Residents can visit the exhibition until May 14. Visitors must socially distance, and a limited number of people are allowed in the gallery at one time.


A Mother’s Day Bazaar will be held at the gallery from May 3 to 7.