Black bears spotted in Yellowknife

A black bear and two cubs were spotted in Yellowknife near Kam Lake
A black bear. Photo: GNWT

A black bear and two cubs have been spotted near the Kam Lake area of Yellowknife.

The NWT’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources said on Facebook wildlife officers were notified at around 1pm on Tuesday that the animals were “spotted on the skidoo trail along the snow fence toward the FOL Base in Kam Lake.”

The FOL Base is the forward operating base for Norad located near Deh Cho Boulevard, the department clarified.

The department warned people who frequent the area to carry bear spray, bangers, and other noisemakers.



“Knowing how to react and reduce the chance of a confrontation with wildlife while hiking, camping or boating may save a life,” the department said.

The department also cautioned residents near Beck Court not to interfere with wildlife. Reports of foxes with kits at their den site have been spotted.

“It’s illegal to harass wildlife, and even taking pictures can disturb them,” the department wrote.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to avoid and minimize human wildlife conflict and interaction.”

For concerns and enquiries regarding wild animals in Yellowknife, the department can be reached at (867) 873-7181.