Cleaning wipes cause sewer leak at Inuvik’s Natala row houses

Inuvik's town office
Inuvik's town office. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

The Town of Inuvik is warning of a sewer leak around the Natala row houses from units 23 to 43 after a “significant amount” of cleaning wipes were flushed down the toilet.  

Town staff issued the notice on Wednesday afternoon. Crews are working to address the issue and clean the area, the town said.

Water and sewer service has since been restored.

A temporary levée has been created to capture frozen sewage and waste, the notice added, and will later be relocated.



Snow fences have been put up to restrict public access to the area. Residents are asked to keep clear and ensure children and pets don’t enter.

“Once the temperatures and conditions allow, crews will be placing lime and a light soil cover on the affected areas to assist with further waste abatement,” the notice reads.

Residents are asked not to flush cleaning supplies or household wipes down the toilet.