Second senior City manager in a week resigns from post

The City of Yellowknife’s director of public safety, Dennis Marchiori, is leaving his post.

Marchiori’s last day at City Hall will be May 14. His resignation follows that of Dennis Kefalas, the City’s director of public works, a week earlier.

In a public post to Facebook, Marchiori wrote: “I’ve decided to close my chapter at the City of Yellowknife after close to 13 years and move on to new challenges.”


Marchiori oversaw a range of the City’s most important operations including the fire division, ambulance services, and firesmarting operations ahead of each forest fire season.

His portfolio also included responsibility for municipal enforcement. Doug Gillard, the municipal enforcement manager, reported directly to Marchiori.

An independent inquiry into workplace harassment allegations against Gillard, dating to 2014, is set to begin imminently.

Both Kefalas – then the City’s senior administrator – and Marchiori would be expected to have direct knowledge of complaints against Gillard, Gillard’s conduct, and their own actions at the time of the alleged incidents.

Their departures may impact the inquiry’s ability to test some of those allegations. Nowhere in the inquiry’s terms of reference is any ability granted to compel external witnesses to give evidence, whereas City employees would be obliged to contribute in the course of their duties.


However, neither man has suggested they will spurn the inquiry if called upon.

Gillard remains in post.

“I’ve made some great friends at the City and have enjoyed my time here,” said Marchiori in Wednesday’s Facebook post.

“I’m thankful for the people that I have had the opportunity to work with and for the range of interesting, and at times, challenging projects that I’ve been able to be a part of.


“I look forward to seeing many of my friends and colleagues over this coming summer.”