Here’s the Yellowknife construction plan for summer 2021

Last modified: May 18, 2021 at 10:05am

It’s often remarked that Yellowknife has two seasons: winter and construction. As winter in the city comes to an end, municipal staff outlined what residents can expect in the upcoming construction season.

Presenting to councillors on Monday, city engineering manager Wendy Newton provided a zone-by-zone breakdown of the work coming up in the summer of 2021.

Here’s a guide to what to expect.


Niven Lake

There are three construction projects slated for Niven Lake: road patching on Moyle Drive, revision of the lot subdivision for Niven phase five, and backup power installation at lift station 11. 

Newton said the roadwork will address a problem with a sink hole. 

Revision of the lot subdivision will take place between Hagel Drive and Lemay Drive. City manager Sheila Bassi-Kellett said the work will make the area accessible and attractive for development. 


A new playground will be installed at Olexin Park. Grant White, the city’s director of community services, said the playground apparatus will be replaced and it’ll be relocated closer to nearby apartments so it’s less susceptible to vandalism.

The city also plans to install its first inclusive playground at Somba K’e Park, designed to be accessible for all children.


A City of Yellowknife map highlights areas where construction is expected during the summer of 2021.

There will be paving work on 54 Avenue between 49 Street and School Draw Avenue, and on School Draw Avenue between 44 Street and 46 Street, to address a couple of “large dips.”

The traffic lights at the intersections of Franklin Avenue with 54 Street and 53 Street will be upgraded to include video detection and countdown pedestrian timers. Newton said the traffic lights on 50 Street will be upgraded to ensure they remain operational during a power outage, as there have been issues with backup power. 

Old Airport Road, Franklin Ave, Forrest Drive 

At the Yellowknife Community Arena, the city plans upgrades to improve the ammonia system, similar to what was installed at the Multiplex.

Paving is planned for Forrest Park, and Con Road between Rycon Drive and Con Place, along with an asphalt multi-use pathway adjacent to the road. 

As part of plans for safety upgrades to pumphouse four, a new parking lot will be created for the tennis courts to move traffic away from the pumphouse. 

Frame Lake and Kam Lake 

Yard construction at Dagenais Drive will be completed this year.

A push-button crosswalk will be installed on Horton Crescent at the Finlayson Drive intersection by the park. 

Phase one of water and sewer upgrades will take place on Hordal Road between Range Lake and Spence Road. 

The dump

At the city’s solid waste facility, upgrades to the roof and insulation are planned for the bailing facility. 

Parks and facilities

The city plans to make parks and facilities more accessible, including the installation of asphalt pads and pathways, picnic tables, benches, and parking pads at parks, alongside door openers and washroom upgrades at facilities.