Handmade pet supplies business to launch in YK

Three Yellowknifers – Jessie Bowser, Alison Buckland, and Olivia Laureijs – have partnered up to start to Northern Specials, a handmade pet supplies business.

Right now, the trio are sharing sneak peeks of products they plan to launch by the end of the month on their Instagram account. A Facebook page and website where people will be able to place orders are in the works. 

The initial product launch will include things like custom resin dog tags and bandanas. They are partnering with Michelle Tremblay of Halu Creations to design a pet colouring book. For a donation, a drawing of your pet can be included in the book.


“We just wanted to find a way to make a difference on our own, but through supporting initiatives already happening in the North that we see doing a really great job and making a big impact,” said Bowser.

“Our mission is to provide stylish, handmade accessories for pets and their owners. In doing so, our goal is to improve the quality of life for domesticated animals in the NWT by donating a portion of our proceeds to various northern organizations that provide veterinary services, spay-neuter programs, supplies, shelter, rescue missions, and animal welfare education.”

Bowser said the name Northern Specials reflects the company’s unique products and is a play on the common term for a mixed-breed northern dog.

The three have been impressed with the response from the community, they said, gaining more than 100 followers on Instagram in just a couple of days.

“I think northerners are just really eager to support different animal activists, and just support local in general,” said Bowser.


“And there’s a really good community in the North, so it’s been really nice to see support from everyone.”