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Nadira Begg, CKLB Saturday request show host, steps down

Nadira Begg pictured in the CKLB studio
Nadira Begg pictured in the CKLB studio. Nadira Begg/Facebook

The host of one of the Northwest Territories’ most-loved radio shows has announced she is to leave.

Nadira Begg, a former CBC broadcaster, has hosted CKLB’s Saturday request show for more than a decade.

In a post to Facebook late on Wednesday, Begg said she had made a “difficult decision [and] resigned as the host of the request show.”

CKLB, which launched in 1985, broadcasts throughout the Northwest Territories on a specific radio licence designed to ensure Indigenous communities receive the service they deserve. Much of the station’s funding is provided by the federal Department of Canadian Heritage.



The Saturday request show has been at the heart of CKLB’s schedule for decades.

It is renowned for its lasting popularity, the regularity with which “Daddy’s Girl” is requested, and the propensity of listeners to forget to turn their radios down before calling in to the studio – a source of constant bemusement for Begg.

“I would like to say thank you to CKLB for the opportunity to bring back a show that I loved listening to growing up and for letting me host the show for 11 wonderful years,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“The show has been a huge part of my life and I have loved connecting to people and helping people connect.

“My Saturday afternoons will never be the same but I’m looking forward to enjoying a full weekend off to connect with you all in person and not just through the airwaves.”