Cabin Radio: It’s now easier than ever to listen live!

Cabin Radio is now easier than ever to access through corporate networks across Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.

If you’ve been struggling to listen via networks in territorial or federal government offices, or other corporate networks, give the live stream a try or listen through your app – chances are, now it’ll work.

Thanks to the territorial government for its assistance in resolving outstanding issues.


If you’re still having trouble, email us or leave a Facebook message and we’ll work with you to troubleshoot any problems you’re having.

(Note that some versions of the Internet Explorer browser still have issues loading the live player on We’re working on a fix.)

Finally, a reminder that Cabin Radio is a friendly accompaniment to your working day designed to make you fitter, happier, and more productive. Please don’t stop doing your actual job just because the music is good.