NWT’s new Emerging Wisely to be revealed at 2:30pm on Wednesday

Last modified: June 8, 2021 at 12:05pm

The NWT government will reveal its updated Emerging Wisely pandemic recovery plan in a news conference to be streamed live by Cabin Radio from 2:30pm on Wednesday, June 9.

The new-look plan, which is expected to first focus on lifting restrictions on outdoor gatherings, will abandon different “phases” of recovery in favour of an approach based on vaccination rates, Dr Kami Kandola – the NWT’s chief public health officer – said last week.

The news conference will be streamed via Cabin Radio’s Facebook page.


Pressure on the NWT to ease its isolation rules may increase after Nunavut this week said fully vaccinated travellers will soon no longer be required to isolate before entering that territory.

That announcement leaves the NWT an outlier in placing mandatory isolation requirements on people who are fully vaccinated – currently a minimum of eight days followed by release from isolation if a negative Covid-19 test is received.

The NWT has in the past defended its imposition of isolation requirements by pointing to the territory’s zero deaths related to Covid-19 and the success with which the coronavirus responsible has been kept out of most smaller communities.

Recently, Dr Kandola said high caseloads of Covid-19 in southern Canada – particularly Alberta, with its direct road connection to the NWT – mean isolation requirements have remained warranted to protect the territory’s residents.


Meanwhile, the GNWT on Tuesday issued its usual two-week renewal of the territory-wide state of emergency related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The state of emergency gives Kandola additional powers to issue public health orders such as those that mandate isolation after travel outside the territory, or which limit the size of gatherings.

Such a declaration must be either renewed or dropped every two weeks.

The latest renewal will last until June 22 and was issued by health minister Julie Green.