Beaufort Delta

Inuvik prepares for rare solar eclipse

Residents of Inuvik will get a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse early Thursday morning – the only time in the 21st century the town will be able to see such an event.

The moon will move in front of the sun around 3:30am, partially covering the star and resulting in a glowing ring of light in the sky.

Elementary school teachers CJ Parr and Michael Bodnar are setting up a telescope on Firth Street to celebrate the rare intergalactic spectacle.


Anyone interested in joining is welcome. The event will also be livestreamed online.

The NWT Recreation and Parks Association will be providing free food and drinks.

A group will gather at the East Three Tennis Courts at 3am before walking to First Street. The event is expected to last for two hours.

Participants are advised not to look directly at the eclipse as it can cause major eye damage. Eclipse shades for viewing will be available on-site.