Family from Thursday’s YK fire are ‘so grateful’ for support

The family whose house caught fire on Thursday on Yellowknife’s Glick Court said all people and animals involved are safe and doing well, expressing gratitude for the support they have received.

Laurie McLean said she was not sure how the fire at her house started, but woke to her daughter raising the alarm.

“I thought it was at another house – I wasn’t fully awake or anything – so I ran out to check and realized it was just outside my house that was on fire,” McLean said on Friday.


“We just started to move and got the heck out of there, moved the vehicles away, and got our cats out of the house.

“I’m personally feeling so grateful and – I say this all the time, I’ve lived in Yellowknife all my life – I’m so glad and thankful for our small town, because so many people have been reaching out to me.”

McLean said only three of the family’s four cats were initially able to escape the fire, but the last cat was later rescued by firefighters.

The extent of the damage to her home remains unknown. The NWT’s fire marshal and an insurance company are studying the aftermath. No fundraiser has yet been established, McLean said, and the family has yet to discover which items they may need to replace.


Items for a newborn boy may be helpful, she said, as her daughter – who lives with her – is expecting a child later this summer.

“We just finished setting up one of the rooms for the baby to come in August, so I don’t know if we’ve lost the crib and everything,” she said.

“it’s important to let people know that I’m thankful for everything they’ve been doing, because it’s hard to get messages out to everybody.

“I think the adrenaline has come down and now things are starting to sink in. I’m thankful that all my life, like the people and animals, are safe – that’s all that matters.”

People looking to help can contact Cindy McLean, who is coordinating assistance on Laurie’s behalf, at (867) 445-8485.