GNWT launches new financial assistance for flooding victims

The territorial government has introduced a new program to help those who had homes and businesses damaged by flooding this year.

Under the Emergency Disaster Assistance Advance Program (EDAAP) “immediate payments to community governments, residents, and small businesses” are available to help with the damages they may have incurred.

“If you experienced home or business property damage due to the 2021 flooding in the NWT, advance funding is available to provide immediate assistance to you to replace essential personal property, take immediate action to mitigate damage to personal property or ensure the safety of property,” a news release announcing the program states.


Residents, small businesses – which have an annual revenue of less than $2 million, – and community governments who will “eventually be submitting a claim for assistance through the regular disaster assistance policy” can apply. A valid NWT ID confirming where they live is also required.

The maximum funding depends on the type of damage and property assessed.

Residential properties and small businesses can potentially get up to 50 percent of the preliminary assessment up to $10,000.

Community governments can get up to 50 percent of the preliminary assessment up to a maximum of $100,000.

Any funds received will be taken off of final eligible claims made under the regular disaster assistance policy.


Applications to receive financial advances can be submitted to the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs Regional Superintendents or Government Services Officers. They must be submitted by July 31 and funds spent by October 31.

Any applicant who gets funding has to provide a summary of expenses and receipts by December 31, or else the person may have to pay funds back to the territorial government.

“If EDAAP funding is not supported by receipts, it must be repaid to the Government of the Northwest Territories,” the territorial government said.

“In addition, any funding that residents, small businesses, or community governments may receive under the disaster assistance policy will be reduced by the EDAAP amount if no reporting is received.”

For more information about what applies as an eligible expense and what may not be covered, go to the territorial government’s website.