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Aklavik man found by search and rescue team

A man who went missing while boating from Aklavik to Inuvik last week was rescued by a search and rescue team on June 9.

According to a Tuesday news release from the RCMP, the man, who is not publicly named, left Aklavik in a small fishing boat on June 8 headed to Inuvik “but ran out of gas and became disoriented.”

The man then injured himself while trying to start a fire on a riverbank and called the Canadian Coast Guard. RCMP were able to contact him via radio and coordinated a search and rescue party consisting of volunteers and the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Inuvik.


The man was located near the Leland Channel on June 9, and was brought back to Aklavik. A doctor escorted him to Inuvik, where he was treated for his injury.

“It is the coordinated efforts of the agencies that assist in an RCMP organized search and rescue that leads to the ability for us to report the person was located and rescued and provided medical information,” Corporal Chris Whynot, Aklavik RCMP Detachment Commander said in a statement.