Cabin Radio furniture budget mourns closure of Dan’s Place

Dan’s Place, Yellowknife’s second-to-none second-hand emporium, is reportedly to close.

CBC News reports the business will be allowed to dwindle as remaining stock is sold, following owner Dan Hayward’s decision to exit the used goods industry.

His wife, Nancy, is meanwhile said to be opening a creperie near the second-hand store’s present site in Centre Square Mall.


The news of Dan’s departure came as a devastating blow to Cabin Radio’s hopes of achieving its furniture wishlist within the station’s $100 annual furniture budget.

Ninety percent of the Cabin’s current furniture passed through Dan’s Place en-route. Station management has spent the past six months congratulating itself on the wisdom of choosing a name which allows the acquisition of third-hand, patched-up furniture to be “on-brand.”

“We’re deeply sorry to see Dan go,” said a Cabin spokesperson. “We’ll never forget the afternoon we spent buying forgotten 1980s vinyl records just because he had some. Or the time we bought old speakers because we thought old speakers looked cool. Or that time we bought a fridge. Did we buy that fridge there? Yeah we’re pretty sure we bought that fridge there.”

A brown sofa purchased for a song at Dan’s Place has since been rated Yellowknife’s comfiest by 98 percent of guests. The other two percent sat in armchair retrieved from the mudroom of a woman moving to Nunavut.

Cabin Radio understands Cabin Radio will now aggressively up its game at the monthly territorial government furniture warehouse sale, after that time it managed to get nine office chairs for $75.