Here’s your 2018 Yellowknife food truck map

A map of Yellowknife food truck locations for summer 2018

Four Yellowknife food trucks have been assigned their summer-long positions downtown.

The food truck lottery took place earlier this week. One of a Thai was the first name drawn, followed by Saffron, Murray’s Curbside Treats ‘n Eats, and newcomer Noodo Monster – which will move up from Kam Lake for the summer.

The results of the lottery are as follows:

One of a Thai will be based outside the Greenstone Building;



Saffron will be based outside Cabin Radio and, as a result, the radio station is looking to hire a personal trainer as a matter of the utmost urgency;

Murray’s Curbside Treats ‘n Eats will be based outside Somba K’e Family Dental; and

Robin Wasicuna's new food truck makes an appearance at the 2018 Yellowknife Spring Trade Show
Robin Wasicuna’s new food truck makes an appearance at the 2018 Yellowknife Spring Trade Show. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Noodo Monster will be between the New Gallery Building and the cinema.

Meanwhile, Twin Pine Diner’s Robin Wasicuna has been spotted with a new food truck ready for the summer season, though that food truck wasn’t entered into the lottery.

Wasicuna served from the new truck at last weekend’s trade show, with more details promised in the days to come.

Food trucks are generally expected to begin operation in late May or early June, though their licence allows them to start serving customers any time from now on.